My name is Henda Albiatty. I’m a mom of two adoring children, a wife to a wonderful husband, a student and a community volunteer. With all that going on you would ask yourself ‘why would you create more work for yourself?’ Well in short this was a creative outlet within the frenzy of day to day life. Since I was a kid I have always kept a journal to either write down how my day went or to express my thoughts and emotions about life. But I mostly used it to reflect on what things I needed to improve upon within myself and to appreciate the blessings I have. The idea behind Instructions Sold Separately was conceived because I realized that some of the lessons that I learned from these profound experiences (marriage and parenthood) and my simple reflections was that when I shared my thoughts and emotions with others without judgement, it brought about a sense of relief, comfort and hope. It is simply therapeutic without the tab.  Being virtual provides a social discussion while remaining private which I hope brings support and encouragement to those who fear judgement from others or themselves. Within this journal (blog) I want to share what I have learned from the major milestones in life and to learn more about myself.