Awaken Your Imagination

When we think of the concept of imagination we travel back in time to our own childhood. We think of playing pretend, exploring nature’s bounty, creating contraptions and wondering what lies beyond the stars. As a child you are roaming the world trying to enjoy it, understand it, and become a part of it. Now… Continue reading Awaken Your Imagination


To Nurse and Not to Nurse

In today’s society breastfeeding is more encouraged for mothers and babies than other means of nourishment. However, with our fast-paced lives and being career women, sometimes breastfeeding is not the best option. There are moms that are working full-time who are incapable of taking time to pump during the work day. Some are able to… Continue reading To Nurse and Not to Nurse

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Classroom at Home

It’s a long day when you must not only keep your child occupied but also learning while juggling everything else that you need to do. The way your child learns, how you structure their day and how you interact with him/her depends greatly on their temperament. My son learns, interacts and plays in a structured,… Continue reading Classroom at Home